Your active pregnancy Ebook


shhhhhh, I will let you in on a little secret. Your postpartum recovery doesn’t just start after the birth of your baby. It starts now during your pregnancy!

Pregnancy was once considered a time for rest when women were advised to refrain from physical activity or exercise. But girlfriend the times have certainly changed!

Even if you have been inactive before you fell pregnant or you’re a seasoned athlete or gym-goer, physical activity benefits you and your unborn baby!

Grab a copy of the ebook so, you have the most current exercise and pregnancy guidelines and a heads up on the most common pregnancy symptoms and conditions. Plus, learn techniques to help relieve the aches and pains that go with growing a tiny human and aid in your postpartum recovery.



Congratulations lovely lady,

Finding out you are pregnant is certainly an exciting time in life although I know it comes with a little uncertainty and questions on all things baby and body related. It’s true google will become your best friend throughout your pregnancy and parenting journey but you can’t believe everything you read!

So I created an evidence based ebook filled with content you can believe! Topics like:

  • Exercise and pregnancy guidelines
  • When to stop exercising
  • Diastasis recti
  • Pelvic floor and core
  • Connection breathing
  • What to expect each trimester of pregnancy
  • Modifying exercise over omitting for each trimester
  • Basic nutritional guidelines

Plus, a bonus coaching tool with an external link to one of the most valuable techniques or exercises for your pregnancy and postpartum recovery. The connection breath coaching video detailing the pelvic floor, core and the connection breath.

Honestly, this little ebook is full of a wealth of information and was only available to my online coaching clients but I want to try and help as many women as possible so you can get your hot little hands on it now! Also if you haven’t already seen the postpartum ebook make sure you have a little look here

Please note your ebook is a downloadable product. To prevent theft the ebook cannot be printed or shared. Thank you.


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