Postpartum Exercise Recovery Ebook


Whether you’re brand new to this mum gig or are a more seasoned mum, having the knowledge and tools for your postpartum journey can be absolute gold to ensuring you have the best postpartum recovery possible.

I don’t want you to say ” I wish I would have known that!” (like I have said many times). So, I created an ebook that covers those postpartum HOT topics I know you’re talking about with your girlfriends at mothers group! It’s packed to the brim with all you need to know to help your body cope with the demands of motherhood (lifting, squatting, carrying heavy loads) and assist in your postnatal recovery.



Hey there mumma!

So you have just had a baby, Congrats! I bet you still can’t believe they let you leave the hospital with a tiny little human you have no idea how to care for! (Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought this after the birth of their first baby). I bet you are now wondering about your postpartum recovery and return to exercise, or perhaps you’re like me and have to be super prepared so are getting in early!

One thing I don’t want you to be unsure of is what you’re capable of in the first 0-6 weeks after birth. So I give you all the evidence-based material to answer these questions in a 35+ page postpartum exercise recovery ebook. Covering topics like:

  • How to return to exercise safely
  • Diastasis recti – what is it and how to assess yourself
  • What to expect from your pelvic floor and core postpartum 
  • How to ensure you have the most ideal postpartum recovery.

Plus, a bonus coaching tool with an external link to one of the most valuable techniques or exercises for postpartum recovery. The connection breath coaching video detailing the pelvic floor, core and the connection breath.

Honestly, this little ebook is full of a wealth of information and was only available to my online coaching clients but I want to try and help as many women as possible so you can get your hot little hands on it now!

Please note your ebook is a downloadable product. To prevent theft the ebook cannot be printed or shared. Thank you.




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