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Workouts designed for your postpartum body

Pregnancy is short lived, Postpartum is for life.

Regain confidence to run, laugh, jump and play without worrying about leaking or injuring yourself. Building YOU a strong, functional body to meet the demands of motherhood and love the skin you're in.

Exercise safely and confidently  from the comfort of your own home with new workouts every four weeks.

Hey mama

Somewhere between the 500th nappy change and 284th feed for the day,  do you manage to carve a little bit of “me time”?

I think I can hear you laughing back at me! But seriously, that little bit of self care is really important, especially when you’re a mum!

Moofitmoofit programs are here to put YOU first! I can’t help you with the midnight poonami (sorry, not sorry!) but I can help you feel strong, confident & in control of your postpartum body ensuring you have the best postpartum recovery possible.

I understand because I have been there too

Your body has changed and the demands on your body have changed

and that’s why moofitmoofit was born.To help ensure you have the education, modifications and strategies to return to exercise and cope with the daily demands of #mumlife.  Here you will find exercise programs tailored specifically to help (not hinder) your postnatal recovery. Regaining function and connection of your pelvic floor and core and adapting and modifying exercises to suit your postnatal body.

about that six week check

You might be cleared to exercise but is it safe for you to exercise? that six week green light isn’t enough when you return to exercise postpartum. Has anyone told you it can take up 12 months to recover from birth?


Just like any other injury, birth recovery often needs specialist attention and its important not to just rush back into what you might have been doing pre-pregnancy.


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with coach jessica Ewing

I believe...

In helping women by providing evidence based education and fitness programs to help them move safely, effectively and confidently. Improving their physical and mental health, reducing aches and pains and preparing their bodies for labour, birth and postpartum recovery.

I don't want you to say...

“I wish I had known that”. That was me 4 years ago, experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction, seeking help from doctors who kept dismissing my symptoms and saying “just give it time” and “pelvic floor muscles have nothing to do with your symptoms” #bullshit.

Improve your postpartum recovery through exercise.

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Wanting to improve your postnatal recovery?

moofitmoofit is Right For You if you want...


Workouts to suit your bodies needs. A gradual and progressive program done in your own time with full body, pelvic floor and core friendly exercises to help you regain function, strength and confidence postpartum.

to Protect your pelvic floor and core

Regaining function and connection to these areas is important. You may need to adopt different strategies not only when working out but with day to day #mumlife tasks. HINT* its more than just doing a few “kegels”

easy steps, no stress

Detailed exercise videos and written instructions to ensure you are moving safely and confidently.

Sense of community

 With a like-minded hub of women for additional support and motivation

Don't just take my word for it

What she said.

”It’s quite some years since I had my babies. Thank you Jess so much, I am loving the improvements to my pelvic floor and the knowledge and work you have given me on connected breathing and core strength. Life changing! They say we are born knowing how breathe properly and then we forget. How true.”



35 years postpartum - teacher

“After an unexpected C-section I was really unsure of how to return to exercise safely. The before and after the bump program provides me safe and (very) effective exercises that i have been able to slot into my day whilst figuring out how to be a mum. Coach Jess has been with me every step of the way offering real life advice and much needed motivation, I wish i had discovered the program “before the bump” too”.



Dance instructor

”I am now one week post bump side! I have already started following the information jess provided in her Ebooks for the first 0 – 6 week post birth to help my recovery. AS a midwife i was probably a bit flippant about pelvic floor recovery and would hand women the info and say it was important but kind of didn’t think much of it. Now, it’s one of my priorities each day”

woman at baby showed smiling as she cuts her cake



After my first baby i didn’t know about postpartum specific training programs and felt i rushed back in too quickly without building up a solid foundation of stability and strength. After my second baby i tried moofitmoofit and I love it! It’s a great way to ease back into exercise and i was able to do all of the exercises comfortably. I love all the info jess shares in the ebook as well as the videos to explain how to complete the exercise with correct technique”




It's Your Turn

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Sitting on the fence?

Postnatal fitness Coaching is for you if you want


to Exercise Safely and cofidently

From the comfort of your own home with minimal equipment 


to improve function and connection

Did you know 1 in three women suffer urinary incontinence and 27.6% of women suffer at least one pelvic floor disorder (incontinence urinary or fecal or pelvic organ prolapse). If this is you it doesn’t have to be your new normal.


to heal and restore your body

Whether you’re a new or more seasoned mum it’s never too late. Any kind of birth whether complicated, uncomplicated, vaginal or cesarean requires rehabilitation.


Evidence based information

Trustworthy and valuable information in your FREE ultimate guide to postpartum recovery ebook (think diastasis recti, pelvic floor 101, advice for the first 0-6 days and more).


A specialised fitness coach

That understands the physical, emotional and pathophysiological changes that occur during the postpartum period.


To workout with freedom

All of your workouts, exercise videos, written instructions and progress tracking via the app! meaning you can workout anywhere at anytime!

meet jess

In 2016 I was deep in the newborn trenches navigating motherhood and learning how to heal my postpartum body. I had the fitness experience, the bachelor degree, textbook pregnancy and birthing experience and yet i still suffered from pelvic floor dysfunction. The doctors kept saying “just give it time” and “there’s no way pelvic floor muscles have an impact on pelvic floor symptoms” But i knew this was complete BS.


No woman should have to go through having her concerns and symptoms dismissed, no woman should have confusion around what’s considered normal or safe.


It was because of that journey that I am where I am today. I knew pre and postnatal fitness was where I could help make the biggest difference to other women’s lives. I don’t want you to say “I wish I had known that” like I have so many times.


I am more than just a fitness coach, I am your biggest cheerleader. Supporting, educating and empowering  you to build a strong, functional, capable body to take you through pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.

“No woman should have confusion around what is considered normal or safe”

hAve more questions?

• Positive effect on mental well being

• Reduction of postnatal depression and anxiety
• Improved mood and body image
• Management of weight and body composition
• Protection against the development of chronic diseases such as type II diabetes, heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis etc
• Improvement in bone density
• Improvement in cardiac and respiratory functions

• Improved muscular strength and endurance

• Decreased postpartum recovery time

• Improved pelvic floor strength and function

• Prevention and management of urinary incontinence

• Prevent severity and improve recovery of diastasis recti (abdominal separation)

Resting post birth is extremely important to aid in your healing. However, if you are feeling well enough before your 6 week check up and wish to do some gentle exercise you can as long as you follow certain guidelines and choose exercises that aid in healing the pelvic floor and core. Inside the ultimate guide to postpartum recovery Ebook I have more information on this topic (the first 0 – 6 weeks postpartum) and a general timeline you can follow. It’s important to consult with your healthcare providers (GP, obstetrician, midwife or exercise physiologist) regarding physical activity and exercise after pregnancy and is best to seek medical clearance BEFORE exercising or beginning your exercise program.

I have designed this program to use minimal or no equipment so it can easily be completed in the comfort of your own home or a gym setting. I suggest having at least.
1 – 12″ mini loop band 
1 – 41″ long loop band or resistance band with handles and door anchor

1 – pair or dumbbells 
1 – Kettlebell 

Workouts scheduled three times per week consisting of upper body, lower body, pelvic floor, core strengthening and mobility exercises. All customized for postpartum recovery.Workouts can take 15 to 45 minutes to complete and each exercise has a video demonstration to ensure you have correct form to move safely and efficiently. The postpartum program is designed to restore function to the pelvic floor and core following birth. It contains exercise modifications at appropriate intensity levels to progressively challenge your body in a safe and effective way.

30 + pages full of the HOT topics I know you’re talking about with your girlfriends at mothers group! It’s packed to the brim with all you need to know to help your body cope with the demands of motherhood (lifting, squatting, carrying heavy loads) and assist in your postnatal recovery. Topics include – how to return to exercise, the first 0 – 6 weeks postpartum, recovery from birth (vaginal and c-section), what to expect from a women’s health physiotherapist appointment, diastasis recti and how to self assess and more!

These programs have been designed to help you regain function and strength after pregnancy and birth. They are not designed with weight loss in mind and I don’t think any woman should place pressure on herself to “bounce back”. Your body has changed, it has grown, supported and birthed a baby therefore it won’t be the same !! This doesn’t mean you can’t work on improving your strength, daily function, pelvic floor and core or work towards your goals whether that be weights loss or increase in muscle mass!

• Lower back, hip and neck pain
• Pelvic organ prolapse
• Diastasis recti
• Incontinence

• Improved core stability

• Improved daily function and movement



If you have one or more of these conditions there is no contraindication to exercise. However, if you have not already please seek proper diagnosis and assessment from a women’s health physiotherapist. The best management may be for your physiotherapist and myself to work in conjunction to provide you with the best care and rehabilitation. 

Yes! All the exercises are suitable for women with pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse or diastasis recit. Of course, these conditions are so individual so its always best you check with your women’s health physical therapist to ensure they’re safe for your specific  situation.

Yes.  After you have gained clearance from your medical provider. I also recommend seeing a women’s health physiotherapist before resuming exercise.

Each exercise has a detailed video tutorial and written instructions to guide you. If you are still unsure you can post form checks or questions in the private facebook group for additional feedback.

Unfortunately kegel exercises , although popular aren’t always the answer to pelvic floor issues. Some women have an hypertonic (over active) pelvic floor and aren’t able to relax the pelvic floor muscles. Therefore doing more kegel exercises in this case is counter productive as the contraction is only one small piece of the equation.  Studies have show most women don’t actually know how to correctly do a kegel exercise which is why I have developed in depth written Information and video tutorials on how to correctly connect to your pelvic floor and discuss in depth more on this topic in the ebook.

Thats ok! Try not to stress about missing a day, two or even if you miss a week. Just pick back up where you left off.

Absolutely!  It’s never too late to work on your pelvic floor and core function! 

You join a facebook group with other mums or mums to be whom you can connect with for support and motivation. You can also post questions or form checks to the group and I will answer them directly.

I have written and developed an exercise program that has no recycled workouts, plenty of exercise variety and that changes every few weeks. You have access to the closed facebook group where women support and motivate each other and direct access to me if you feel you need any additional support. I also send weekly motivational emails!

I hear you! I always say you don’t find time, you make time. Perhaps that’s by getting up a little earlier than usual, giving up some tv time or breaking your workout up in sections to complete over the course of the day.

“Bulky” is very subjective and each individual will have different ideas and definitions of what this means to them. In general, for most women building muscle mass is difficult and takes a lot of time and consistent training. Weighted exercises can change your body composition, improve your bone density and prevent osteoporosis. It helps to improve your posture and alignment, pelvic floor and core health and prevent other diseases. It can also make you feel strong, empowered, improve your mental health and boost your confidence.

Working out with a friend can be great motivation. However, if you wish to share all the content from these programs please refer your friend to my website to purchase the program for themselves. Your eBook has copyright protection and cannot be printed or shared. Your program contents are yours to keep for life and can be printed. Thank you for respecting the hard work and commitment that went into developing these programs and its contents.

Absolutely! Sign up for either program and let me know in your medical clearance for so i can program for you accordingly. 

Please contact jess@moofitmoofit.com.au with a  description of your technical issue.

Still got questions?

Pregnancy is short lived, Postpartum is for life

- Jessica Ewing