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When it comes to fitness it's important to remember we are each individuals with different needs, goals or symptoms to be mindful of (diastasis recti, prolapse, bladder leakage). Which is why everything i do is completely custom for YOU!

Your Body, Your Workouts, Your goals.

Hey lovely,

I know how incredibly hard it is to find QUALITY information related to your health and fitness, particularly through the pregnancy and the postpartum periods. You know you should remain active (and want to) but you don’t know what exercises to do and most of all find it difficult to make time to exercise or stay consistent and motivated.

With a customised fitness program (fitness that fits around motherhood) tailored to your bodies needs and on demand coaching support you have all the tools you need to stay accountable and  reach your health and fitness goals.

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Building YOU a strong, functional body to meet the demands of motherhood and love the skin you're in.

Coaching Support Packages.

More than just a workout

lite support
$ 96 month
  • Fully customised workouts to meet your specific goals and your bodies requirements​
  • Delivered via a powerful coaching app [trainerize]
  • I coach you through each exercise(How to do an exercise step by step) via video and written instructions
  • Limited access to me
  • Bonus
  • Ultimate guide to postnatal recovery or pregnancy fitness PDF
  • Optional Extra: Want to chat? Book me for extra support *extra costs apply.

Workouts that work for you

Full support package
$ 116 month
  • Fully customised workouts to meet your specific goals and your bodies requirements​
  • Delivered via a powerful coaching app [trainerize]
  • I coach you through each exercise(How to do an exercise step by step) via video and written instructions
  • Access to me on demand (in app, whats app, text, call or smoke signals which ever you prefer!)
  • Personalised habit based coaching and tracking
  • Ultimate guide to postnatal recovery or pregnancy fitness PDF
  • Bonus
  • Weekly video/call catch ups
  • Daily/weekly Monitoring and Coaching feedback
Limited Spots

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Option 1

Workouts that work for you.

You might be confident exercising but need someone to call or text to help you through your fitness journey (that’s me, your new coaching Best friend)

You need your BFF to give you the upmost attention, extra support and motivation through direct contact, daily and weekly goals reminders, adjustable scheduled workout calendar [for added accountability], messages , video calls or smoke signals what every you need!

You will get fully customised workouts (min 3 days per week) to suit your bodies needs and specific training goals.(You also get a pre-loaded body-weight program to get started while i create your custom program). 

This option is ideal if you have a specific fitness goal in mind [faster postnatal recovery, pelvic floor strengthening, fat loss or simply how to exercise during pregnancy]. This option is also ideal if you have an injury (back pain, knee pain, pelvic floor dysfunction)

Together we can ensure you are working towards your fitness goals through fitness, habit and goal based coaching making sure you get the most out of your workouts without adding to injury.

Option 2

More than just a workout.

You are fairly confident with exercise programs but still want a little support. This style of coaching is perfect if you have no injury or underlying medical condition that may impact your workouts.

You will get fully customised workouts to suit your bodies needs and specific training goals.  After our initial phone consult to understand your goals I will give limited support via in app messaging.

To help get you started you have a pre-loaded body weight only workout you can access straight away [because no one wants to wait!]. Don’t worry once I have all your info I can deliver a custom training plan.

It really is like having your own specialist coach in the palm of your hand.

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It's Your Turn

meet jess

In 2016 I was deep in the newborn trenches navigating motherhood and learning how to heal my postpartum body. I had the fitness experience, the bachelor degree, textbook pregnancy and birthing experience and yet i still suffered from pelvic floor dysfunction. The doctors kept saying “just give it time” and “there’s no way pelvic floor muscles have an impact on pelvic floor symptoms” But i knew this was complete BS.

No woman should have to go through having her concerns and symptoms dismissed, no woman should have confusion around what’s considered ‘normal’ or safe.

It was because of that journey that I am where I am today. I knew pre and postnatal fitness was where I could help make the biggest difference to other women’s lives. I don’t want you to say “I wish I had known that” like I have so many times.

I am more than just a fitness coach, I am your biggest cheerleader. Supporting, educating and empowering  you to build a strong, functional, capable body to take you through pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.

“No woman should have confusion around what is considered normal or safe”

Have more Questions?

• Positive effect on mental well being

• Reduction of postnatal depression and anxiety
• Improved mood and body image
• Management of weight and body composition
• Protection against the development of chronic diseases such as type II diabetes, heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis etc
• Improvement in bone density
• Improvement in cardiac and respiratory functions

• Improved muscular strength and endurance

• Decreased postpartum recovery time

• Improved pelvic floor strength and function

• Prevention and management of urinary incontinence

• Prevent severity and improve recovery of diastasis recti (abdominal separation)

If you are pregnant it’s important to first gain medical clearance from your heath care team before you start exercising.  If you are newly postpartum resting post birth is extremely important to aid in your healing. However, if you are feeling well enough before your 6 week check up and wish to do some gentle exercise you can as long as you follow certain guidelines and choose exercises that aid in healing the pelvic floor and core. 

It’s important to consult with your healthcare providers (GP, obstetrician, midwife or exercise physiologist) regarding physical activity and exercise after pregnancy and is best to seek medical clearance BEFORE exercising or beginning your exercise program. 

As i create custom workouts I can work with what ever equipment you have [or don;t have]! However,  I usually  suggest having at least.
1 – 12″ mini loop band 
1 – 41″ long loop band or resistance band with handles and door anchor

1 – pair or dumbbells 
1 – Kettlebell 

As a certified pre and postnatal coach I have a strong focus on helping women regain their pelvic floor and core connection, strength and daily function after pregnancy and birth to assist them to meet the demands of motherhood and beyond. Working with me one on one  I can create coaching programs to suit your individual needs and fitness goals. So whether that be to improve your pelvic floor so you can run or laugh without accidents, lose fat or gain muscle. You set your goal and I will help you achieve it.

• Lower back, hip and neck pain
• Pelvic organ prolapse
• Diastasis recti
• Incontinence

• Improved core stability

• Improved daily function and movement

If you have one or more of these conditions there is no contraindication to exercise.  I would recommend you choose the coaching BFF package so If you happen to do an exercise and something doesn’t feel right together we can troubleshoot why this might be happening and modify things . However, if you have not already please seek proper diagnosis and assessment from a women’s health physiotherapist. The best management may be for your physiotherapist and myself to work in conjunction to provide you with the best care and rehabilitation. 

Yes! As a certified pre and postnatal coach I understand these conditions and know how to program workouts with exercises that are suitable.  If you do have one of these conditions I would recommend you choose the coaching BFF package so If you happen to do an exercise and something doesn’t feel right together we can troubleshoot why this might be happening and modify things .

Yes. If you are post c-section <12 months there are rehabilitation exercise programs we can build to help in your recovery. If its been some time since your c-section it’s OK to exercise however, If you have any issues whilst exercising relating to your c-section (scar tissue adhesion, pain, pelvic floor dysfunction)  then i please let me know. I always recommend women see a  women’s health physiotherapist before, during and after their pregnancy before fully resuming training.

Each exercise has a detailed written and video tutorial with me coaching you step be step. If you are still unsure please send me a message and I can assist you.

Thats ok! Try not to stress about missing a day, two or even if you miss a week. Just pick back up where you left off. You can move your work out within the app to suit your own schedule. just head to your calendar.

I hear you! I always say you don’t find time, you make time! This is something I help you with during our coaching but my motto is always 5 minutes is better than no minutes! You can also try breaking your workout up in sections to complete over the course of the day.

Please refer to which coaching package you selected to see the level off support offered.

“Bulky” is very subjective and each individual will have different ideas and definitions of what this means to them. In general, for most women building muscle mass is difficult and takes a lot of time and consistent training. Weighted exercises can change your body composition, improve your bone density and prevent osteoporosis. It helps to improve your posture and alignment, pelvic floor and core health and prevent other diseases. It can also make you feel strong, empowered, improve your mental health and boost your confidence.

Please contact jess@moofitmoofit.com.au with a  description of your technical issue.

Still got questions?

Stop trying to "bounce back" and bounce forwards

- Jessica Ewing