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Grab your FREE copy of the return to exercise postpartum roadmap [editable PDF ]. Follow the step-by-step framework for returning to exercise with less confusion and pelvic floor symptoms.



• Positive effect on mental well being
• Reduction of postnatal depression and anxiety
• Improved mood and body image
• Management of weight and body composition
• Protection against the development of chronic diseases such as type II diabetes, heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis etc
• Improvement in bone density
• Improvement in cardiac and respiratory functions
• Improved muscular strength and endurance
• Decreased postpartum recovery time
• Improved pelvic floor strength and function
• Prevention and management of urinary incontinence
• Prevent severity and improve recovery of diastasis recti (abdominal separation)

If you are pregnant it’s important to first gain medical clearance from your heath care team before you start exercising.  If you are newly postpartum resting post birth is extremely important to aid in your healing. However, if you are feeling well enough before your 6 week check up and wish to do some gentle exercise you can as long as you follow certain guidelines and choose exercises that aid in healing the pelvic floor and core. [I can help with that]

It’s important to consult with your healthcare providers (GP, obstetrician, midwife or exercise physiologist) regarding physical activity and exercise after pregnancy and is best to see a  women’s health physiotherapist BEFORE  beginning your exercise program.

For group coaching equipment is supplied just bring your hat, workout towel and drink bottle.

For online workouts as I create custom workouts I can work with what ever equipment you have [or don’t have]! However,  I usually  suggest having at least.
1 – 12″ mini loop band 
1 – 41″ long loop band or resistance band with handles and door anchor.

1 – pair or dumbbells 
1 – Kettlebell 

As a certified pre and postnatal coach I have a strong focus on helping women regain their pelvic floor and core connection, strength and daily function after pregnancy and birth to assist them to meet the demands of motherhood and beyond. Working with me one on one I can create coaching programs to suit your individual needs and fitness goals. So whether that be to improve your pelvic floor so you can run or laugh without accidents, lose fat or gain muscle. You set your goal and I will help you achieve it.

Yes! These are not a contra-indication to exercise. As a certified pre and postnatal fitness coach it’s my job to help you exercise and find a way to do the things you love without experiencing symptoms.