Hey there.

I get it.....

Your a busy mum (or mum to be) and you have no idea where to start or what to believe when it comes to the do’s and don’ts for exercising during pregnancy and postpartum.



Perhaps you already have a gym membership and are trying to carry on like you did pre pregnancy but you are finding there are some exercises that just don’t feel right. Maybe you know that with the right education and exercise you can lower the risk of birth interventions, shorten labour times and improve your postnatal recovery. Either way?



I am a pre and postnatal fitness coach who has done all the hard work eliminating all the BS when it comes to pre and postnatal fitness education and together (you + me) I have no doubt can make an amazing team so let me properly introduce myself.

Thanks Jess for being the best teacher on my core muscles and it's movement during breathing ever! - Dianne 35 years postpartum


I'm Jess

I am an online pre & postnatal fitness coach based in the Hunter Valley NSW. If you were to describe me using the big 5 personality traits you would easily discover I fall under the category of Conscientiousness.

Conscientiousness describes how organized and dependable someone is. People who rate high in conscientiousness are efficient and organized [yes i pack my bags weeks in advance for a holiday and feel anxious that my partner likes to pack on the day!].


Conscientiousness personality types involve being mindful of actions and words that might affect those around them and often we feel a sense of duty towards others.

so how do you benefit from my personality type?

When it comes to health and fitness (your health and fitness) I have done hours, upon hours, years upon years of study, reading and research [see organised and dependable or maybe that falls under slightly obsessive?].

My career as a pre and postnatal fitness coach began with a bachelor of oral health where I spent several years working in this field and sadly suffered chronic pain and work related injury which lead me to a career change.

I knew I still wanted a career that helped enrich people’s lives (there’s that conscientiousness personality trait again) so I combined my love for health sciences and health and fitness and started a bachelor of sports science.

I know (live and breathe) pre and postnatal fitness and I also know what it’s like to be a first time mum trying to cut through all the BS and outdated information you find during pregnancy and postpartum. So I have used my knowledge and experiences to develop an evidence based program that mums can easily access at an affordable price, in their own time from the comfort of home (because i know how hard it is to get out without the kids!).

Jess is an amazing coach, she was so responsive and supportive throughout. - Connie

My intro to motherhood.

In 2016 I was deep in the newborn trenches navigating motherhood and learning how to heal my postpartum body. I had the fitness experience, the bachelor degree, textbook pregnancy and birthing experience and yet i still suffered from pelvic floor dysfunction. The doctors kept saying “just give it time” and “there’s no way pelvic floor muscles have an impact on pelvic floor symptoms” But i knew this was complete BS.

No woman should have to go through having her concerns and symptoms dismissed, no woman should have confusion around what’s considered normal or safe.

It was because of that journey that I am where I am today. I knew pre and postnatal fitness was where I could help make the biggest difference to other women’s lives. I don’t want you to say “I wish I had known that” like I have so many times.

I am more than just a fitness coach, I am your biggest cheerleader. Supporting, educating and empowering  you to build a strong, functional, capable body to take you through pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.


Experience & Credentials -


Personal trainer


Pre & postnatal fitness certified


oral health therapist


State level athelete


Ivf mum of 2


Guest Blogger


So now you know about me.

I know You have enough to worry about during pregnancy and postpartum. Don’t let not knowing what exercises to do or how to do them be one of them!