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jessica ewing

I believe in....

supporting women through providing evidence based education and fitness programs to help them move safely, effectively and confidently. Improving their physical and mental health during pregnancy, reducing aches and pains and preparing their bodies for labour, birth and postpartum recovery.

I don't want you to say...

“i wish i had known that”. That was me 4 years ago, experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction, seeking help from doctors who kept dismissing my symptoms and saying “just give it time” and “pelvic floor muscles have nothing to do with your symptoms” #bullshit.

just as your body changes so should your approach to exercise

- jessica ewing

Meet jess

A Little about me

In 2016 I was deep in the newborn trenches navigating motherhood and learning how to heal my postpartum body. I had the fitness experience, the bachelor degree, textbook  pregnancy and birthing experience and yet i still suffered from pelvic floor dysfunction.

The doctors kept saying “just give it time” and “there’s no way pelvic floor muscles have an impact on pelvic floor symptoms” But i knew this was complete BS. No woman should have to go through having her concerns and symptoms dismissed, no woman should have confusion around what’s considered normal or safe.

It was because of this journey that i am here now. I went from oral health therapist to studying sport science and wanting to help manage people with chronic pain to wanting to help, support  educate and empower women to have strong, functional, capable bodies to take them though pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.

Experience & Credentials -


Personal trainer


Pre & postnatal fitness certified


oral health therapist


State level athelete


Ivf mum of 2


Guest Blogger

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