Hey, Im jess

a women’s pre and postnatal fitness coach, and a mum of  two IVF/ICSI boys. I started moofitmoofit in 2017 after my own postpartum journey when I saw a major gap in pre and postnatal health and fitness.

I live in eastern new south wales on a 100 acre property with my family, our two long haired dachshunds, a variety of heritage chickens and cattle. 

When I started mooftmoofit I envisioned coaching, motivating, inspiring and sharing my knowledge with mums and mums to be to. My goal is coach women to exercise safely and confidently and take away the confusion and uncertainty of how to start or remain active during these special times.  I want women to feel empowered, embrace the changes to their body and show them what they are truly capable not just physical but mentally.

I have always loved health, fitness, sports and training at the gym. I completed a bachelor in oral health in 2011 and loved studying anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology and psychology. Combining my love for sports, anatomy and human movement is what then led me to study a bachelor of sports science in 2015 and put my studies on hold in 2017 after my son was born. During this time I completed certificates III and IV in fitness.

After the birth of my first baby and personally experiencing and recovering from pelvic floor dysfunction I was inspired to continue my education in this area. Gaining certification in womens pre and postnatal fitness.

I strive to provide current evidence based information and deliver coaching programs suitable for each stage of pregnancy and beyond.

To keep up to date with the latest fitness tips and information you can find me on facebook or Instagram where I often post my latest workout videos or farm adventures!

Feel free to drop me an email jess@moofitmoofit.com.au if you have any questions I am more than happy to help.