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To your pelvic floor friendly fitness coach here to help you reach your health and fitness goals.


Hi i'm Jess

I’m a true country girl who would prefer to dress for comfort above all else and thinks activewear should be a form of acceptable attire on all occasions. I am a certified personal trainer based in the Maitland/Newcastle area who specialises in pre and postnatal fitness. I love creating workouts with pelvic floors in mind to help my clients feel stronger, more confident and reduce or eliminate pelvic floor symptoms.

I know (live and breathe) pre and postnatal fitness. so you don't have to

Like you, I felt frustrated, unheard and for a short time believed it was expected to be in pain and suffer pelvic floor symptoms “just” because I had a baby. I struggled to find the right advice and went in circles with health professionals telling me things like “just give it time”, “try to relax” and “it’s common but not normal”.

Eventually, I directed myself to see a women’s health physiotherapist for assessment and diagnosis and learnt that I could change my symptoms and I didn’t have to suffer. My experience left me wondering how many mums had experienced the same but hadn’t found the care and advice they needed.

It was then Moofitmoofit was born. I coupled my knowledge, skills and personal experiences to support, educate and bridge the gap between postnatal care and the return to exercise for mums. My goal is to provide a service where mums feel heard, empowered, informed and in control of their postpartum bodies.

Doing Something Different

“Do something different” is the secret sauce to getting back to the exercise you love with less pelvic floor symptoms. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Imagine if you could ditch the panty liners “just in case” you leak or you could participate in a group fitness class and not have to worry about modifying exercises in fear of your prolapse symptoms.

Do something different is a concept I have learned from Antony Lo (the physio detective). Put simply if what you are doing now isn’t working then “do something different”.

There is a good possibility you can change your symptoms associated with a task or exercise. Often it’s not the task or exercise itself that causes issues but HOW it’s being executed. Are you ready to “do something different” to change your symptoms and reach your health and fitness goals?

Are you ready?

I'm here to guide you so that you can run, jump, laugh and play

You and your body are strong, capable, resilient and adaptable. I know you feel broken and are stuck thinking your symptoms will rule your life. Believing you won’t be able to exercise or live life to its fullest. I promise you it’s not forever, just for now.

The fitness and health industry has let postpartum people down. With a culture that supports pre-baby bodies, bouncing back and telling women it’s common but not normal. I know this because I have been told this too and I felt that disappointment.

I created moofitmoofit so other mums don’t have to say “I wish I had known that” like I have so many times. My goal was simple to spread evidence-based information that busts the fitness myths, takes away the shame and fear and helps mums return to exercise in a safe space.

My Business and Core values

My core values:

Honesty, Kindness, Integrity, Respect, Empathy

what I'm not about:

Fad diets, quick fixes, setting mums unrealistic goals, expectancy to bounce back, shame or guilt.

What makes me smile

Hot chocolates, family, friends, tim tams and wine

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Are you ready....

To do something different and feel supported, educated and safe when exercising?