Jessica Ewing

Online Personal training that Helps women feel strong,
capable and in control of their bodies

Forget trying to "bounce back", Keep moving forward.

- jessica ewing


are here because

You’re probably feeling stuck, exhausted and completely overwhelmed when it comes to fitness. Most likely coupled with defeat, lack of motivation and uncertainty about where or how to start.

You struggle to reach your health and fitness goals, make healthy food habits and stay consistent on your fitness journey but most of all you feel like your symptoms, weight, health and fitness are holding you back from living the life you desire.




want [dare i say, need?]

An online personal trainer to keep you motivated, accountable, and be on hand 24/7 [with direct messaging or video calling] via that convenient looking training app. Perfect for when you need extra support or an answer to allllll the questions.

You want to LOOK and FEEL strong, ooze happiness, confidence, reduce or eliminate pain or symptoms [like diastasis recti, prolapse, weak pelvic floor and bladder leakage or back pain] and be the best human you can be for you and your family.

You want effective customised workouts and habit-based food coaching designed to suit your body, your needs and that fit into your busy day to day life [fitness that fits around motherhood].

Most of all you want a coach who understands all the demands on the female body and who listens to your needs. A coach who once felt like you do and who has empathy and understanding to support you every step of the way.

What can i do for you?

Online Personal Training Support


Personal training with on-demand support

Fully customised workouts each month to meet your specific goals and your bodies requirements with a virtual one on one coaching experience.

On-demand support and daily/weekly monitoring, nutritional habit based coaching and fitness program adjustments when needed.


The perfect combination to achieve your goals

effective exercise + healthy habits around exercise, food and mindset = the healthiest version of you

don't just take my word for it

what she said

”I have been training with jess for over a year now from when I planned to conceive, through my pregnancy and I will definitely keep going postpartum. I could not be happier with her services the app is easy to use and since the beginning it has been adapted to suit my changing needs, Jess is always available and approachable which makes it easy to communicate any concerns I might have about exercises. I always find it hard to stick to program but when jess’s support and encouragement I have had a more balanced lifestyle.”


”I love the check in’s and specifically that jess never made me feel bad when I missed a workout. This month I already feel more energised and have more patience with kids.”


”I love working with jess., the app is simple to use. She has picked the perfect workouts for my fitness level. She is very caring and flexible with working out what will work for me and my lifestyle.”


”Jess has been incredible! Her programs are so well made that I actually prioritise them in my day! Thank you for listening to my needs!.”



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