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Why choose moofitmoofit?

Your coach Jess, is a mum of two young boys and started moofitmoofit after her own postpartum journey and recovery from pelvic floor dysfunction.

Jess has made it her passion to empower and educate women to start or remain active during pregnancy and assist in their postpartum recovery.


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Mobile App intergration to train anywhere at anytime.

Awesome support

Online community of women built to support each other.

Customized workouts

Designed to suit the physiological and anatomical changes of each trimester of pregnancy and postpartum.

30 + page ebook

Covering each trimester of pregnancy, postpartum recovery, exercise guidelines and more!




Full body, mobility & birth preparation exercises that are low impact, pelvic floor and abdominal separation (diastasis recti) friendly. Workouts designed and modified to suit the anatomical and physiological changes that occur during each trimester of Pregnancy.


Perfect for any new or more seasoned mum. Helps to restore function the pelvic floor and core. Exercise safely from birth and create a stable foundation for safe and effective movement postpartum.

moofitmoofit - What she said.


30 Years Postpartum

It’s quite some years since I had my babies. Thank you Jess so much, I am loving the improvements to my pelvic floor and the knowledge and work you have given me on connected breathing and core strength. Life changing! They say we are born knowing how breathe properly and then we forget. How true.


Third Trimester Pregnancy

It has been so great to find an exercise program that is safe to do during pregnancy and the postnatal period. I have always been active and wanted to continue this lifestyle throughout my first pregnancy, especially strength training. As a midwife, I also know the importance of exercising safely, due to all of the changes that are occurring to my body. In particular training that is appropriate for my pelvic floor and core. The before and after the bump program has been a exercise program that is safe, easy to do at home and has been tailored to the appropriate stage of my pregnancy journey. Now at 36 weeks, I am looking forward to knowing I can continue exercising after a physiotherapist sign off and start the postpartum program. I can’t say i want to “get my pre-pregnancy body back”, because I feel I have managed to maintain a good level of fitness during pregnancy – thanks Jess.


9 Months Postpartum

After an unexpected C-section I was really unsure of how to return to exercise safely. The before and after the bump program provides me safe and (very) effective exercises that i have been able to slot into my day whilst figuring out how to be a mum. Coach Jess has been with me every step of the way offering real life advice and much needed motivation, I wish i had discovered the program “before the bump” too.


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Perfect for pregnancy or postpartum.