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customised fitness coaching for women designed to take them
through pre-conception, pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

pregnancy is short-lived,
postpartum is forever

- jessica ewing

Ways to work with me.

womens fitness Coaching


Monthly Fitness Programs

Each month YOU choose a brand new 4 week program! 

Glutes only

Pelvic floor and core

Bands and body weight

Full Body Split Circuit training


Custom fitness coaching

Fully customised workouts each month to meet your specific goals and your bodies requirements with a virtual one on one coaching exprience.

don't just take my word for it

what she said

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”It has been so great to find an exercise program that is safe to do during pregnancy and the postnatal period. I have always been active and wanted to continue this lifestyle throughout my first pregnancy, especially strength training. As a midwife, I also know the importance of exercising safely, due to all of the changes that are occurring to my body. In particular training that is appropriate for my pelvic floor and core. The before and after the bump program has been a exercise program that is safe, easy to do at home and has been tailored to the appropriate stage of my pregnancy journey. Now at 36 weeks, I am looking forward to knowing I can continue exercising after a physiotherapist sign off and start the postpartum program. I can’t say i want to “get my pre-pregnancy body back”, because I feel I have managed to maintain a good level of fitness during pregnancy – thanks Jess..” 


I am now one week post bump side! I have already started following the information jess provided in her Ebooks for the first 0 – 6 week post birth to help my recovery. As a midwife i was probably a bit flippant about pelvic floor recovery and would hand women the info and say it was important but kind of didn’t think much of it. Now, it’s one of my priorities each day.



teacher - 35 years postpartum


“Before i started the postpartum program, having a cold meant i needed to buy liners for protection. Since an untimely sneeze might force an embarrassing bladder leak. 


“I am so impressed that in doing the program my pelvic floor is doing its job again. My core is stronger and jess taught me how to connect my breathing properly through my core. Sensationally effective! I have done quite a bit of yoga before but actually never understood or ever did it right previously.



ballroom dance teacher

At the start

“of my postnatal fitness journey, i felt disconnected from my own body and totally unsure of how to safely start exercising”

How I feel now

“after before and after the bump postpartum coaching i now have a whole new understanding and appreciation for my body and feel stronger that i ever have”


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